My Time Delay Posting Policy for Olympic Coverage

So like many of yall, I am struggling with the time difference and NBC’s decision to show some events live as they happen from London while withholding others. Most of the mad fury for me came today when the Michael Phelps-Ryan Lochte showdown in the men’s 400m individual medley was inexplicably left off TV in favor for a good seven minutes of face-time for Dan Patrick, whom I’ve grown to dislike since he left ESPN.

Actually it’s nothing personal Dan, but when you change the environment around someone, sometimes you see them differently.

But anyways, my online streaming situation hasn’t yet been resolved, since I’m having issues with the Live Stream on the laptop and am still setting up the mobile apps. So unfortunately, I missed the medley, even though it was streaming. But since I know several of you aren’t live streaming and want to maintain some element of surprise when you watch the events in prime time, I’m trying to maintain a good balance of posting up-to-date content but preventing spoilers.

So what I think a good compromise would be is to keep up-to-date content here on the website but only posting it to social media once it’s been aired on TV.  If you’d like to read me in real time, check in with me on the site. If you want to stick with NBC’s air-time schedule, catch me on social media.

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