Olympics Preview

Hey yall!

So I finally figured out the issues going on with my site. Sorry for the spartan layout and lack of interactivity thus far, but as we go along I will be working on updating the site.

This is my personal website and I intend to use it as a blog on many topics, but for now I will be using it as a hub for my commentary on the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England! I love the Olympics more than anyone else I know – I have been watching them since 1992 in Barcelona (at least that’s the earliest Games I remember) and have made the Olympic event every two years an integral part of my life. I follow as many of the athletes and sports as I can, and thus I’ve been treated to several memorable moments!

Anyways, I know we’re in the middle of Day 1 of competition, so I want to get this posted quickly and get caught up in the commentary. Let this serve as me welcoming you into my passion for the Olympic Games, the Olympic spirit and sports in general!

To follow, I’ll post schedules of recommended events for the day, keep you posted on Team USA’s schedule, highlight events as they happen, and of course I owe you a perspective on the Opening Ceremony.

Let the Games Begin!

Citius, Altius, Fortius!

London 2012 Olympic Games Logo

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