Tired of Spoilers? Beat the Tape Delay with NBC Live Extra!

Know how the Women’s Gymnastics Team Final turned out?  The next question is, did you WANT to find out?

Millions of Americans are struggling with NBC’s decision not to show some of the most popular Olympic events live as they happen from London, choosing instead to air these events in prime time on a tape delay. That would have worked fine back in 1992 when the Games were in Barcelona, but these days, it just won’t fly. Sports fans hoping to avoid hearing the results until they can see the events in their full glory in prime time must run a gauntlet of mobile app push notifications, website coverage and word of mouth if they want to avoid hearing the results in advance.

But fear not!  The London 2012 Games have been dubbed the “Digital Olympics” because of the prolific content being disseminated to audiences the world over in real time. And you can be a part of it!

To watch live coverage of the Olympic events – ALL of the Olympic events – you need three simple things:

1)  A cable, satellite or digital subscription which includes NBC (most do). You’ll need your account login ID and password. If you don’t have a login ID, you’ll need your account number and may have to call your cable company.

2) A computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet, data or wi-fi connectivity

3) TIME!

NBC has provided streaming access to all Olympic events, everything from gymnastics to swimming to the qualifying matches in air rifle and table tennis. Additionally, you can watch full replay coverage of every event, every match, online at NBCOlympics.com. If you want to use your phone or tablet, you can download the Live Extra app from NBC, absolutely free.

Here’s how to do it. It takes just a few minutes and in most cases, you only have to do it one time.


1)  Go to http://www.nbcolympics.com/liveextra/index.html.

2)  Click the red “Get Ready” box, where you’ll be prompted with an array of cable and satellite choices and a pulldown box with more choices. Pick yours.

3)  Enter your login information. Kids, ask your parents for permission first.

4)  Watch the Games!


1)  Go to your AppStore and search NBC Live Extra, or NBC Olympics.

2)  Download the NBC Live Extra App, fo free.

3)  Open the app and, when prompted, select your cable or satellite provider.

4)  Enter your cable or satellite provider login information.

5)  Watch the Games!

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