What’s Your Favorite Olympic Event?

If you’re like me, flipping to coverage of any Olympic event will get your blood pumping. During the Winter Olympics, I’ll go back and forth between hockey games, bobsled and cross-country skiing and be sure to keep myself aware of every single curling match on CNBC.

The Summer Olympics, which for me are easily the better of the two, it’s the same way. Swimming is by far my favorite event. I love the water, and the intensity of the races and seeing all those flags in the pool, there’s just something about it. Gymnastics, beach volleyball and track and field are up there also and – maybe surprisingly for you – rowing as well. But when NBC and MSNBC’s coverage goes to commercial, I’ll happily catch a random boxing match on CNBC.

So what’s your favorite Summer event? Air rifle? Triathlon? Water polo? Or, is there a Winter Olympics event that is tops for you? Let us know!

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