LIVEBLOG: Team USA Women’s Soccer Semifinals Vs. Canada

Liveblogging the game here!  Match has just kicked off, USA retains possession first.  Team USA has never failed to make the gold medal match.


Team USA

G – 1 Hope Solo
D – Rachel Buehler
D – 3 Christie Rampone
D – 6 Amy LePeilbet
D – Kelley O’Hara
M – 17 Tobin Heath
M – 15 Megan Rapinoe
M – 10 Carli Lloyd
F – 12 Lauren Cheney
F – 13 Alex Morgan
F – 14 Abby Wambach


G – Erin McLeod
D – 4 Carmelina Moscato
D – Rhian Wilkinson
D – Marie-Eve Nault
D – 10 Lauren Sesselmann
M – 13 Sophie Schmidt
M – Diana Matheson
M – Desiree Scott
F – 12 Christine Sinclair
F – 14 Melissa Tancredi
F – Jonelle Filigno

4′ – Megan Rapinoe played the ball into the right corner and fired a nice cross that was in danger of going in the goal, but Lauren Cheney was too tied up to put in a score. Rapinoe sent another cross in but it was reclaimed by Canada.

7′ – Alex Morgan had a chance to put in a shot, but the ball was sent out for a corner. Wambach headed the ball out off a Canadian, so a second corner is in the offing.

8′ – Rapinoe’s second corner is cleared.

11′ – Tancredi took a strong run down the left side on a counterattack, but was overwhelmed by USA defenders.

12′ – Tancredi makes another run but the ball is cleared for a corner. US clears ball to the other side for another corner.

13′ – Second corner clears. This is the’ first real action in on the US side of the field this whole match.

18′ – Ball is changing hands but no real work being done getting into the penalty areas. Rapinoe just took a shot from past the 18′ line but was wide to the top left of the box.

20′ – Rampone called for shoving, so Canada takes a free kick near the baseline. The ball floated dangerously in front of goal before it was cleared by Rampone.

20′ – Solo finally puts her hands on the ball, corralling a loose shot from Canada before it threatens the goal.

21′ – Sinclair scores one-on-one in front of the box against Solo after dancing around defense. First goal allowed by Team USA in seven matches against Canada.

26′ – Oh my, Sophie Schmidt placed perfectly on a header by the USA Goal, but so is Hope Solo. Crucial save. US goes downfield and O’Hara takes shot on goal from the baseline, saved by McLeod.

28′- Rapinoe waits for a call that never comes on an apparent foul, then gets the ball back after Wambach forces it to her, then draws a foul. Free kick for USA deflected back to Rapinoe, then lost on throw-in.

30′ – Rapinoe free kick in prime placement to left of Canada’s goal, backheaded by Morgan and just wide.

33′- LePeilbet is all over the field, playing stingy defense and drawing a foul in Canadian territory. Rapinoe puts yet another great long pass into the box for a Wambach header, but it goes wide and she’s called for hands on the back anyway.

36′ – Morgan crosses left to Wambach in front of the box, header wide.

38′ – Heath and Morgan showing awesome footwork in the penalty area, cross goes wide to Rapinoe, Cheney’s shot is just short.

41′ – Rapinoe free kick straight into McLeod’s hands.

42′ – O’Hara gears up for a shot but is blocked by a diving Desiree Scott.

44′ – Cheney gets free in front of the 18′ and fires a shot, wide left.


49′ – After a wasted free kick by Rapinoe, Heath steals the ball, gets it to Rapinoe who puts the ball in to Wambach with a good look at goal, but Wambach’s volley sails over the goal.

50′ – Wambach goes down hard on a foul, setting up a corner kick which USA fails to convert.

52′ – USA is playing very aggressively on the ball, keeping the attack on Canada’s side of the field and in front of goal.

53′ – Team USA aggression pays off! Rapinoe’s corner gets credit for the goal though it looked like it bounced off a Canadian player in front of Rachel Buehler. Just squeaks in for the equalizer.

58′ – Wambach and Morgan circling like “sharks” as the announcers call them, McLeod saves a goal.

59′ – Rapinoe playing double duty today, playing defense in front of a vulnerable US goal, with the clearance.

60′ – YC – 11 Desiree Scott

62′ – Solo comes out past the 18′ on a fast break by Canada with the clearance.

 67′ – Substitution Canada: Faligno Out, Kaylyn Kyle in

68′ – Canada leads 2-1, header by Sinclair.

70′ – Megan Rapinoe with the magic foot again!  Brings the ball just inside the 18′, crosses off the left post and the ball rolls in over the line near the right. Fantastic, fantastic clutch play by Rapinoe today. Tied 2-2.

72′ – Sinclair is just insane today. Header to the near post, LePeilbet leaves way too early and Solo was in no position for the save. Hat trick for Sinclair. Canada 3-2.

76′ – Substitution USA: LePeilbet Out, LeRoux in.

76′ – USA Corner straight to McLeod, but she holds the ball too long and USA gets a free kick.

78′ – USA draws Canada into a handball in the penalty box on the free kick!  Wambach will take the shot.

80′ – GOAL USA!  Wambach converts. Tied 3-3.

81′ – Morgan goes down in the box, looks like a penalty but USA settles for a corner kick. Rapinoe tries a long kick, but it sails overhead.

82′ – Kyle overlooks Sinclair open at center, shoots on target but right to Solo for the save.

84′ – Morgan gets free and looks to have the winning cross to Wambach, but Abby is JUST wide of the goal with a sliding shot to the right. She wants that one back.

86′ – Tancredi trying to get into it with Rapinoe, but we have a “talk to the hand” moment. Rapinoe in full battle mode.

87′ – Morgan on the right side this time, gets fancy with the footwork and almost side kicks one in, McLeod is there though.

88′  – Schmidt beat multiple defenders and almost scores the winning goal but Solo in position for a great kick save. Canada fails to convert the corner.

90′ – Morgan’s shot on goal wide left. Three minutes stoppage time.

90′ +3′:  USA corner fails as time expires. Going into extra time.

Full Time

Extra Time, 91′: Canada opens with possession but gives it up immediately. Rapinoe moves it up and launches a shot, over the goal.

99′ – Wambach’s header just too weak, right to McLeod on a scoring threatening chance.

103′ – Matheson’s free kick for Canada clears the penalty area and out the back for a USA goal kick.

104′ – Buehler tackles Sinclair and clears a scoring threat, Canada’s corner.

105′ – Solo brings the ball out herself, living on the edge, but pushes it up to the attacking Americans who put a free kick into a scrum of players in front of goal before McLeod snags it.

End of Extra Time 1.

106′ – Canada honors the age-old sportsmanship tactic of kicking the ball out when an opponent is injured, but they certainly didn’t have to while on the attack there. Rachel Buehler was down on the ground. USA returns the favor and sends it right back to McLeod. One of my favorite traditions in sports.

SUBSTITUTION USA:  Buehler Out, Sauerbrunn In

110′ – Rapinoe about to take USA’s 12th corner.

112′ – Schmidt is off the field right now with a lower leg injury. Wambach made contact with her competing for a ball. No substitution just yet.

113′ – McLeod comes to the front of the box and corrals a deep shot from USA for the save. The Americans are keeping the ball on Canada’s half of the field, playing to a tiring Canadian squad. Morgan falls in the box, but no penalty is called. The referees will let this game go unless there’s a blatant violation.1

114′ – Scott also off the field for now. Painful to play this long, but nobody is complaining. This is for an Olympic medal.

116′ – Solo brings ithe Canadian heat.n a a free kick for a save, starts the counter-attack which culminates with a Morgan cross JUST missing Heather O’Reilly in front of goal.

117′ – USA scrapping for the ball, Morgan dances into the penalty box and crosses but the ball floats aimlessly in front of goal with no American in the area.

118′ – Sinclair brings the ball on a run but into the teeth of the US defense, the ball gets back to Morgan wide left, who sends a clean cross into Wambach who puts a header JUST too high, off the crossbar.

120’+ – US Defense feeling the Canadian heat, but the defenders pressure the ball out of bounds.

120’+ NO NEED FOR PENALTY KICKS!  ALEX MORGAN WITH A BEAUTIFUL WINNING GOAL SECONDS BEFORE TIME EXPIRES!  USA WINS 4-3! Morgan breaks the hearts of willing suitors and Canadians everywhere with that winner. This game was an all-time classic. USA advances to the finals to get vengeance over Japan for last year’s World Cup final.

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