Final Team USA Medal Tally from the London 2012 Olympic Games

Competition in the London Olympics has come to a close, and it was an incredibly entertaining and emotion-packed fortnight of sports. We saw a lot of incredible moments and feats of strength and agility. The London Games were fantastic, and now it’s on to Rio in 2016.

Team USA was dominant, winning the most gold and silver and total medals of all participating countries and finishing only to Russia in bronzes. The United States finished with 104 total medals – 46 golds, 29 silvers and 29 bronzes. China was second in the medal standings with 87, followed by Russia with 82, host nation Great Britain with 65 and Germany with 44. Both the U.S. and Great Britain had all-time best Olympic performances.

In team sports, Team USA saw fantastic gold achievements in women’s water polo, women’s soccer, women’s and men’s basketball, women’s gymnastics, with a silver finish in women’s volleyball. Team USA swept gold and silver in women’s beach volleyball and the men’s decathlon, the contest of 10 track and field events that traditionally touts the “World’s Greatest Athlete.” So by logic, the U.S. has the two greatest!

Fantastic individual performances by Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Missy Franklin, Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman, Sanya Richards-Ross, Allyson Felix and others netted multiple medals, and feats by shooter Kim Rhode, judo artist Kayla Harrison, wrestler Jordan Burroughs, swimmer Katie Ledecky and others were timeless moments.

Diver David Boudia won the first American gold medal in diving in decades. Harrison’s gold was the first EVER in American judo. Team USA extended its dominance in women’s basketball, winning a fifth-straight Olympic gold medal, the men’s team reiterated it intends to remain on top in defending its gold from Beijing, and Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings completed an incredible run together as teammates, winning  a third consecutive gold medal in beach volleyball without ever having lost a match in the Olympics.

These were the incredible stories all around that made for an incredible Olympics. Here is a list of all American athletes who medaled in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. Feel free to click their names and learn their stories, see their results and even watch their performances one more time.

American Medalists in the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games

* – World Record
^ – Olympic Record
# – American Record

Note: Athletes who medaled for participating in relay or team qualifying rounds are denoted after semicolons; athletes who participated in medal rounds denoted before semicolons.

Archery (1)

Basketball (2)

Beach Volleyball  (2)

Boxing (2)

Cycling (4)

Diving (4)

Fencing (1)

Gymnastics (6)

Judo (2)

Rowing (3)

Shooting (4)

Soccer (1)

Swimming (31)

Men’s (16)

Women’s (15)

Taekwondo (2)

Tennis (4)

Track and Field (29)

Men’s (15)

Women’s (14)

Volleyball (1)

Water Polo (1)

Wrestling (4)



COUNTRY Athletes Gold Silver Bronze  Total
See names 46 29 29 104
See names 38 27 22 87
See names 24 25 33 82
See names 29 17 19 65
See names 11 19 14 44
See names 7 14 17 38
See names 7 16 12 35
See names 11 11 12 34
See names 13 8 7 28
See names 8 9 11 28
See names 6 6 8 20
See names 6 5 9 20
See names 1 5 12 18
See names 8 4 5 17
See names 3 10 4 17
See names 3 5 9 17

Team USA Medals Through Day 7

At the conclusion of competition on Day 7 of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, Team USA leads the overall standings with 43 medals, one ahead of China and 20 ahead of third-place Russia. The U.S. also leads with 21 gold medals to China’s 20 and 12 bronze medals to Japan’s 11. Only China (13) and Russia (12) have more silver medals than the United States (10).

Here are the top five nations in the medals standings:

NATION MEDALISTS Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal TOTAL
See names 21 10 12 43
See names 20 13 9 42
See names 3 12 8 23
See names 8 6 8 22
See names 2 8 11 21


Here is a list of all American athletes who have medaled thus far in the Olympics:

* – World Record
^ – Olympic Record
# – American Record

Archery (1)


Cycling (1)


Diving (3)


Gymnastics (3)


Judo (2)


Rowing (2)


Shooting (2)


Swimming (28)

Note: swimmers who medaled for swimming in relay qualifiers are denoted after semicolons.


Track and Field (1)

London Fashion: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from the 2012 Olympics

Editor’s Note:  Not being of the fashion sensibility myself, I decided to outsource the commentary on Team USA’s Olympic fashion sense to someone who at least claims to have a good read on it. So she says. Kelli Eason is an LSU alumna and public relations professional living in Memphis, Tenn. For the record, she is known to wear hot pink shorts often, and I personally liked the Opening Ceremony uniforms.

Let me start by saying I love the Olympics. I love the sports, I love the camaraderie and I love that the entire world almost seems to get along for two weeks. I love these games, but sometimes I get a little distracted by what the athletes are wearing. So let’s take a break in talking about the athletes’ performance for a second and talk about…their outfits.

The Good (And the Interesting)

1.    The Medals

Example of the gold medals awarded at the 2012 London Olympics

As an LSU fan, of course I’m a little biased, but I love those royal purple straps, especially when paired with a shiny gold medal. If I won one, I’d definitely sing the home of the TIGERS with my new bling.

2.    Water Polo Robes and American Flag Speedos

Team USA water polo

Team USA looks like a bunch of Rocky Balboas when they come out. They even wear the robes open, AND they are ‘Merica colors. I don’t think I’d last 10 seconds playing water polo, but if I could, these guys would be intimidating. Also their flag speedos are patriotic, and I’ll admit that I enjoy them.

3.    The Olympic rings tattoos

Olympic Rings tattoo craze
Oy, Matt Grevers’ smile is as golden as his medals…oh, and he has those tattoos…

I’m not sure if this really counts as fashion, but it’s something unique that only happens at the Olympics, so it gets a mention. Has anyone else noticed the Olympic rings tattoos? I have noticed them on the male swimmers this year, but I know lots of other Olympians have them. It’s the placement on the USA male swimmers’ right biceps that intrigued me. It works for me.

4.    Black and white swim caps

Team USA white swim caps (day swims)Team USA black swim cap (night swims)

Not that this is some huge fashion statement, but I thought it was cool. The USA swimmers wear white caps during their day events and black caps during night events. They’re just so clever.

The Bad

1.    Gymnastics leotards that aren’t red, white and/or blue during competitions

To be fair, the USA women’s gymnastics team wore some great red leotards during one of their competitions. They also wore purple and pink in others. Of course they always look great, but come on, people. ‘Merica!


You tell me which one looks a little snazzier competing for her country.

2.    T-shirts in beach volleyball. And how they should go away.

Beach volleyball with T-shirts

This goes for both men and women. I understand they’re in London and it’s a little chilly there (about 55 degrees at night, to be exact). Seems as though London could utilize some of those nifty heat lamps every restaurant with a patio employs in the winter, no? At least Team USA is doing it right, though. Nothing looks more awkward to me than the athletes that put their t-shirts UNDER their bathing suit tops. That’s just not even functional, what if they get hot and want to take it off?

Beach Volleyball without t-shirts

3.    The Hair

Danell Leyva's Dad's hair Kohei Uchimara's hair

I’m actually totally neutral on most of the hair in this Olympiad. But let’s be honest, when I’m talking about bad hair, I’m talking about two people: Danell Leyva’s dad and his salty mohawk and that Japanese gymnast, Kohei Uchimura, that I’m confident was an anime character before he was an Olympian. It’s almost creepy…his hair doesn’t move!

The Ugly

1.    Team USA’s Opening Ceremony uniforms

I know I’m not alone in feeling some disappointment in Team USA’s opening ceremony attire. With all the hype leading up to these uniforms – being designed by Ralph Lauren and made in China – I thought they might at least be exciting. Unfortunately, my opinion is that they made our athletes look like snobby sailors, rigid private school children or in the case of Lebron, big guy in a little coat. I loved India’s uniforms, as they were traditional and flowed really beautifully. My advice for next time would be to get something that might call to our heritage a bit, or at least look nice.

Team USA Opening Ceremony Uniforms

All in all, the fashion statements being made at the 2012 Olympic Games are not going to make or break them. That said, it is pretty interesting to watch and talk about. Well, fashion statements and China’s antics, anyway.

Editor’s Honorable Mention – Parker Wishik

Okay so I HAVE made a handful of observations Kelli has neglected.

1.  Team USA Women’s Soccer Uniforms

Reminds you somewhat of the nautical theme? I personally am warming to them. They channel the flag and feature the stripe patterns familiar to European soccer – though with the stripes horizontal, they’re more akin to rugby unis.

Team USA women's soccer uniforms
Personally, Alex Morgan could sell any uniform to me.

2.  Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser’s Beach Volleyball Wardrobe

Rogers and Dalhausser

The defending gold medalists from Beijing may have just been bounced in the Round of 16 (tear), but they had been rocking some awesome Americana on the beach, with different uniform on each match.

3.  Team USA Nike lime green kicks

Team USA Nike Sneakers

Boy, these are EVERYWHERE. Our athletes have been wearing them at all stages of the Olympics, from actual competition in events like fencing and track and field to standing on the medal podium (Gabby Douglas and Kayla Harrison) to on-air TV interviews.

What are your thoughts?

USA Edged by Italy for Men’s Team Archery Gold

You’re on the edge of your seat as your country’s top athlete is about to take his final shot to win or lose the championship…what sport are you watching?

Basketball? Nay. ARCHERY!

Team USA has earned its first medal of the London Olympics with a silver in the men’s team archery event. This final was truly intense, riveting and entertaining, but equally heartbreaking, with USA losing on Italy’s last shot – JUST nicking the “bulls-eye” for a 10 – by one point.

Brady Ellison, Jake Kaminski, and Jacob “Wookiee” Wukie took silver for USA. Off target during the early portion of the match, Kaminski and Wookiee (allow me to indulge) went on a tear, hitting several 10s leading into the final end, but Ellison, who is No. 1 in the world, couldn’t convert himself. It was an 8 by Kaminski and a 9 by Ellison in the last end that had it looking like Italy would finally take Gold in an event they took Silver in during the 2008 Beijing Games.

However, Italy upped the intensity with two 8s to lead off their last set of arrows, with a lead of 9 going into the last shot by Michele Frangilli, who had to get a 9 for a shoot-off. Instead, he nicked the left edge of the 10 circle with no room to spare, and Italy was golden. Frangilli had built Italy’s early lead with several clean 10s.

The intensity of an archery match was probably enhanced by the Olympic atmosphere and the international competition, but consider perhaps that archery is not so different from a widely popular spectator sport based on accuracy and marksmanship – golf.

Bronze medalists South Korea, who won gold in 2008, were defeated by USA in the semis.